Protect your data
We want you to have control of your data, we want you to be able to manage its storage and its use. We want you to be in control of who you allow to use it.
Truth Data Cloud enables consumers to take control of their data by providing all data owners with Truth Tokens
Earn money
from your data
We are creating a token that will represent the use of your data - when an interested party (that you have given permission to) uses any part of it, you will accrue value, which you can store in the cloud or exchange with partners.
Have access to exclusive loyalty reward programs
We will be announcing partners in due course, stay tuned for more information.
Consolidate your data and profile
Manage all your data in various social profiles from one place, and store your data securely.
Control who has access to your data
We believe it is important that you are in control of your digital self. You may not want to be targeted by certain brands and may choose to be actively targeted by others. You can now manage these preferences.
See more relevant advertising
Advertising is here to stay – we want your experience of it to be as good as possible. We will do this by tailoring your online commercial experience to your interests.
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